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Spray Tanning Prepping Instructions

So You're getting a Spray Tan 

please follow these instructions



*Spray tan for a special occasion- best to be sprayed 1-2 days before your event.

*Mani/Pedi - to be done before your tanning session(day prior is best). Acetone/nail polish remover, soaking in warm footbaths & exfoliating will brush off some of your tan, leaving a patchy-streaked look    


24/48 hours before your spray tan

Shave/wax, 24-48 hours before spray tanning. This will  allow open hair follicles/pores to close & minimize a dotted tan appearance.  Laser services always should be done 48 hours in advance. We offer full body waxing and relaxing exfoliating body treatments (845)269-1522


Night before you tan: 

Skin should be well exfoliated & moisturized the night/day before your spray tan application.  It's best to use  an exfoliating glove on your body. Focus on dry areas such as knees/elbows/hands/feet. Please use a clear/transparent gel soap. (avoid dove or opaque milky looking products - no bar soap). If you're uncertain, we sell exfoliators, gloves, body wash/lotions that are perfect to use before and after your spray tan.  


Day of tan

Please shower 2-4 hours before appointment to remove any body lotion, moisturizer,  sweat, perfume, deodorant & makeup. All of the above mentioned can create a barrier between your skin and the tanning solution, resulting in a blotchy, greenish or uneven tan.  This is more of a rinse. Do not use bar soap of any kind or any oily products  as they leave a layer on your skin


What to wear

We want you to feel as comfortable as possible during your spray tan session. Some options:  bikini, bathing suit, just bottoms, just tops, old bra or just get naked. Please keep in mind the tan lines you want or don't want to be seen. Basically, whatever skin I see , I spray:)   *Your appointment will be about 20 minutes total. 


Must Bring with you to your spray tan session

Immediately following your spray tan, wear loose, dark clothing. Do not wear leggings, fitted tanks, half shirts, shorts or sweat pants that are bunchy or stretchy up top. If you are wearing a zip up, have a t-shirt to wear under. A button down flannel, loose sweatshirt or cotton shirt works great. Bring flip flops as boots, socks and sneakers may rub off the tan solution.

*During your processing time, 8 to 12 hours for premium tan; 1 to 4 hours for Xpress tan,  avoid getting wet or sweat as that will cause streaking. 

If you do tend to sweat, please give your Glow tech a heads up so we can give proper care instructions.

*Following your spray tan -  there is a chance some of the excess formula that has not completely settled into your skin, will rub off on your clothes. However, the "stains" you may see are just cosmetic bronzers from the formula, and most of the time will wash right out.

*Do not sleep naked before initial shower. Streaking can occur from rolling around throughout the night. Keep your baggy clothes on - streaking causes streaks!

Then What?

We call this the "Dirty Girl Shower". Whatever time your Glow Tech sets as your initial  rinse, here's what you'll do:

Take a cool/warm rinse shower.

Do not wash your hair, no soaps or shower gels, no shaving, no scrubbing.

This rinse is intended to remove the excess solution from your skin. It may appear that your tan is all being washed down the drain. Don't panic! This is part of the setting and developing process. You may look slightly paler after the shower. Again, this is perfectly normal. Where it can take up to 12 hours to set, a spray tan can take up to 24 hours to fully develop. Trust the process, you will be tan!


Tan Maintenance

We sell before and after care products to preserve the longevity of your tan.

*Please inquire about the Mousse! 

*When drying after a shower, pat your skin dry instead of rubbing.

*Mousse & Tan extenders are good in between spray tans, just to boost the color and put back what sweat, the pool and ocean have taken off.

*Shaving is ok for your spray tan after your initial shower. You should use a new sharp razor with conditioner or shower gel in place of shaving cream.

*So you know, For women, sometimes a tan may develop differently due to certain medications or hormonal changes, such as ovulation, menstruation & pregnancy. The tan can be blotchy, fade poorly or won't develop color.

The NO's After a Spray Tan

*lotion that contains mineral oils or baby oil

*body wash and shower gels that contain sulfates

*hot baths and hot tubs




*AHA or AlphaHydroxy, BetaHydroxy, Salicylic, Lactic, Glycolic acids, Wax, Hair removal creams, Anti acne products, Pore strips or RetinA


As the Tan Fades

*A spray tan usually begins to fade within 5-7 days of initial spray.

*The life span of a spray tan depends on how well you prepped and your after care. Ask about the Mousse!

If you tan regularly, your skin will get used to the spray and will hold longer.

*Your face will always be the first area to fade, simply because you wash it more frequently and use of makeup. We sell self tanners to keep your glow glowing.

As your tan begins to fade, you can lightly exfoliate your skin. Gently exfoliate every couple of days and continue to moisturize your skin with the correct product. Some moisturizing products can actually deteriorate the life of your tan.



*A swim in sea water is better than a swim in chlorine. However, any length of time spent in water brings the risk of a tan going patchy.

*If you want to swim, take quick dips.

*Dab/Pat dry after swimming, bathing or showering to avoid rubbing the top layer of skin off.

**Please remember, your spray tan does not contain SPF and you will need to use an SPF on a daily basis to avoid sunburn and skin damage.


When Your Tan is Ready to be Removed:

*We sell products that remove a fading tan 


Anyone under the age of  18, must have the signed Consent Form or be accompanied by a parent or guardian to receive  a spray tan or spa services.

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